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I consider some of the definitions I read were rather extreme. Of course, pop-folk is not a serious kind of music, it is dedicated to bring lively mood and to be listened to when you are druk. And please, don't tell me that you, out of Bulgaria don't drink! I don't consider that chalga lyrics are worse than hip-hop lyrics. I even consider chalga is better than rap, because, at least, pop-folk singers don't consider themselves to be very important. They are slef-ironic and never pretend to be "bad boys" or "people from the ghetoo" etc. ! And, after all, whatever you say, chalga is a powerful kind of music, because it simply captures everyone! I can't explain it to myself - may be it's because it's very lively, joyous and full of precious simlisity. It doesn't matter at all, because it really impresses everyone - the very fact is enough to proove chalga's influence!
And get ready, because when we enter European Union you will have to put up with chalga, and after that you will start to like it, and we will remind you what you have said about chalga!
European Man

At first a bit "rutsa-rutsa",
after that a bit "frutsa-fruts"
and in the end "op-op-op"
I'm ready for Europe!
And big Europe will be a car for a couple
and from Rim to Chelopek (famous BG city) everyone will be dancing "kiutchek"
And Europe will be shaking, we will change it's preferences and it will transmit every day Intervision for me! :D
by bau May 05, 2005

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