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Short for Stupidest People On Earth. SPOES usually find themselves in Family Court trying to vacate ten year old paternity filiations, get custody of the kids while they're serving 20 years in the pen, and having children named Skyye and Cuansharee.
Deputy, do you SPOES you could call the next case? Yes, Judge, I SPOES I can. (wink wink)
by bananas foster April 08, 2008

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Temporarily or permanently rejected man, aka husband or boyfriend, who has failed to live up to previously agreed-upon behavior. Homelessness can occur at any time when the man utters the following word: cunt, or when the man does any combination of the following: removes his wedding ring for a period of greater than 5 days; makes unreasonable demands for large sums of money; lies repeatedly; refuses to perform any and all household tasks; or strikes the woman in any way.
Jesus Christ, can you believe he's living at his Dad's again? Dude's fucking homeless.

Man, he needs to get it together- he had everything going for him and now he's homeless.
by bananas foster April 07, 2008

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