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The insertion of 3 fingers into the vagina or anus of a woman. During this time, the three fingers (pointer, middle and ring) are to be together (in contact with one another). Upon repeated insertions, listen for the female yearn for more pleasure. At this time, the fingers are to be seperated at the greatest distance allowable by the human hand. It is the repeated usage of the spreading technique that constitues a full scale wolverine, but no half hearted attempts. the owning hand must be spread at full legnth as to create severe discomfort in the finger regions.
I was at the jersey shore, and easily 3 knuckles deep by 11 am...i heard her moaning like she wanted the cyclops....but i performed the wolverine in such outstanding fashion. My hand is still swollen from the seperation reps....
by ballzdeepinit June 22, 2009

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