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this is a nigerian word popularly used amongst the children of the rich elite especially in lagos

u know, students in grange,whitesand,greensprings lekki and anthony, redeemer's, vivian fowler, lagoon, a-hall, olashore, avi-ceena, dowen, corona e.t.c

it defines a situation in which some1 tries to familiarise with you cuz they've herd bout u cuz ur such a friggn legend or cuz ur popular , this som1 btw isnt in ur social circle or may be or could even just be tryn to get into it just so they cn say "shiit i know him/her, we're friends"

noun: famz


pronoun: that guy is a famza
richkidin his "social circle

unknown kid:hey guyz whuts up

richkidin his "social circle : uhm, i'm good

unknown kid :ai later

other richkisalso in social circle: chill, do u know that person?

richkidin his social circle: no man the guy is just doin famz
by bad guyzzzz June 26, 2010

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