2 definitions by avaroth

what you say when you want someone to know you are mad at them, and are pretty much ignoring them.
"I'm really sorry babe"
by avaroth March 1, 2019
Someone who thinks and pretends they are someone or somethings #1 fan, but really, they know nothing about it/them except basic knowledge.
Alexa: "OMG I love Selena Gomez! I swear, I'm her biggest fan!"
Me: "Really what is your favorite song?"
Alexa: "Back To You is my fave!"
Me: "Oh really? My fave is Sad Serenade."
Alexa: "Oh I don't know that one. I just know what is on the radio."
Me thinking to myself: "Wow she's such a fake fan, she barely knows any Selena Gomez songs."
by avaroth March 1, 2019