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a kind and sweet girl who is always there for her friends. directly on the Latin word oliva meaning "olive".

peaceful most of the time but is also TONS AND TONS of fun! olivia is very athletic and sporty. always first place when running long distances and sprints. stronger than most of the boys and a lot of the boys are scared of her.

olivia is tall and is a great inspiration because she is also artistic and creative. olivia may not be the straight A student but she gets good grades. A's and 1 or 2 B's. She is always trying her hardest on everything she does and is always there for the people she loves.

olivia is popular and has many friends because she is giving and loves helping others. she is artsy and loves to cook and bake. olivia is always and amazing person to be around because she is kind, sweet, hilarious, athletic, creative and overall FANTASTIC!!
AWHH YES!! that party with olivia was awesome!! she is such a fun person to be around and is super sweet. she must've made me laugh 100 times!
by athletechicken January 10, 2017

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