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literally the prettiest girl in the world??? she's also the funniest fucking person. she's the kindest and caringest and loveliest and beautifullest person you'll literally ever meet so if you meet her you better be fucking good to her and keep her in your life because you probably dont deserve her and she's probably gonna be the best thing that ever happened to you so you better not fucking hurt her because then you'll lose her and it'll be your loss not hers c: she's so funny like some of the stuff she says will actually send you i kid u not you'll probably cry laughing if you talk to her for even a minute she's just so fucking fuNNY and she's also the most beautiful person you'll ever meet like she's genuinely the most breathtakingly absolutely entirely gorgeous girl on this planet and her boyfriend also loves her very much and he'll beat you up if you so much as think badly of her c:
Athira??? did u mean the most perFECT PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD
by athirasboyfriend November 23, 2019

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