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a test only given in new york state and is required to graduate along with 22 credits. in order to graduate you need to pass atleast 5 regents. 1 science (any science class, living environment, earth science, chemistry, etc), 1 math (any math class, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry etc), 1 english, and 2 history(global and U.S). Regents are given 3 times a year January, June, and August. you take your first regent exam and if you fail you can take the test in august. (in yonkers,you have to go to summer school to take it for free, you can go to a different district and pay $75 to take it in august you don’t go to summer school) if you don’t take it in august or fail you take it in january, and it’s basically an endless cycle of retaking the test until you pass. and you can’t graduate without passing those 5.
i failed my living environment regents freshman year i have to retake it in january
by ateamofcawts January 21, 2020