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backround: originally coming from hermes, greek messanger god, and aphrodite, the greek goddes of love. hermaphrodite(with a long e sound) was originally the child of hermes and aphrodite, and was both male and female.

the ONLY definitions are as follows, if used for any other definition, the word has been used improperly or metaphorically.
1. a person who has both sets of sex organs (male and female), but not neccessarily having the ability to reproduce.
*technically it is possible for a hermaphrodite to use autosexual reproduction
2. MYTHOLOGY the child of hermes and aphrodite (read the backround)

hermaphrodite is also commonly, and INCORRECTLY used to mean a person with the secondary sexual traits of one sex, but the sexual organs of the other.

a hermaphrodite is not a super being, and human hermaphrodites often are often born sterile (unable to reproduce) and sometimes lack enough sexual hormones to sexually mature during puberty.

*note: it is believed that jamie lee curtis fits into the first definition; however, no one actually seems to definatively know. (who would want to find out?)
1. That hermaprhodite has a penis and a vagina.

INCORRECT Dude, she has boobs, i thought she was a she, but she has a dick! just a dick!(no female reproductive organs involved)
by astrocom January 03, 2005

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often confused with autosexual reproduction
in asexual reproduction only one organism, which is neither male nor feamale, is involved. the organism reproduces either by
1. fission, litterally spliting itself in half to create two organisms. (imagine having yourself ripped in half, and then each half growing back the half it is missing)
2. budding, where the new organism starts of as a growth on the side of the original organism. (like having a little man grow out of you're ass cheek, a little man that is exactly like you)
Yeast cells use asexual reproduction. (specifically the second form, budding)

Single celled organisms often use asexual reproduction (fission).
by astrocom January 03, 2005

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A genre of music which spanned from about the early 1960's, starting with British Invasion Rock and The Beatles, to as late as the mid 90's, by which time most of "the greats" had died.
Classic rock is remembered and revered by most in society as the grounds for all forms of rock, many of which can be linked to a specific classic rock band, such as Metal to AC/DC, and Psychadelic Rock to Pink Floyd.
There is some descrepancy as to which bands are Classic Rock bands, and which bands were simply the first in their own area. some people group british invasion rock bands, such as the beatles and the who, seperately from Classic Rock, but most include them.
Many Classic rock songs are recognized by youth today, who dont even realize that someone actually CREATED such amazing music, and in some cases children actually believe that Classic Rock song exist from their "sheer awesomeness"
Each Classic Rock band has a distinct style, making the genre incredibly diverse and experimental, unfortunately, while the exact date of the end of Classic Rock is debated (some place it as early as the late 70's to as late as the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991) it is a general consensus that Classic Rock is no longer in the making, and while it may be listened to forever, will not progress any further than it already has
Generally agreed upon Classic Rock bands include:
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Who
The Ramones
The Doors
Deep Purple
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
by astrocom June 05, 2005

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