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a plant that relieves your problems temporarily, therefore you smoke some more, maybe drink too, and you're fine for the day. even better than Kool Aid.
Dude 1-"dude i think my girlfriend is pregnant"
Dude 2-"dont worry about it man"
Dude 1-"im fucking 16!"
Dude 2-"dammit you're bitching again. here have some weed"
<Dude 1 smokes weed>
Dude 1-"ahhh...good shit...you know what, i dont even think its my baby, my girlfriends a slut monkey anyways"
Dude 3-"yeah she is. i plowed her field yesterday!"
by asswipe chris March 03, 2011

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when you think you are going to fart, but accidentally crap yourself instead, usually in the form of forced diarrhea that completely obliterates your anus and stains the shit out of your pants, exploding out of your ass and going in all directions inside your pants. usually requires 3 and a half rolls of paper to clean up.
Man- "did you see that guy? he totally frapped himself after that burrito!"

Other man- "no way! he's going to need a pack of toilet paper for that!"
by asswipe chris February 12, 2011

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