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THE WORLDS BEST SOLIDER OF ALL TIME, he recived every Medal from the USA in WWII and some from France. He killed 240 germans in 1 hour! Yea one fucking Hour. Chuck Norris,John Wayne, Vin Disel,Bruce Willis, and Arny don't even compare, he makes them piss their pants. After the war he was depressed and to get over instead of getting help he locked himself in a room for a week, and drink Jack Daniels. Then wrote a book called to hell and back. Then he became an actor starred in mostly westerns. The only holly-wood character that compares is Audie Murphy played by Audie Murphy(yea he played himself). After he died he got his own theme song.
If you don't know him look him up!

So in a quick way to discribe him Audie Murphy = Badass
Chuck Norris: Who am I fighting

Host: Audie Murphy

Chuck Norris:whos that?

Host: (Shows picture)

Chuck Norris: (Laughs) he's so small

Host: But He killed 240 men... IN ONE FUCKING HOUR

Chuck Norris starts pissing his pants in front of millions.

or this

Audie: Im gona need some artillary

Artillary guy: how close is the enemy?

Audie: So close why don't you talk to em!(Then he jumps on a burning tank, fires the machine gun, and kills every fucking german in sight, then hops off the tank and walks away slowly as the tank explodes in the background)
by armysapper June 18, 2009

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