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A small-minded town in central PA in which almost everyone inhabiting it is either obese, ugly, old, unintelligent, inbred or all of the above. Favorite hobbies among Selinsgrove citizens include "goin' to da races", possum bashing, "gitting 'r done" and achieving nothing in life besides creating the world's largest banana split. The town is also home to Susquehanna University, a school in which the majority of students are spoiled brats from New Jersey that want nothing more out of their college experience but several consecutive nights of inebriation at Bodt's bar and the opportunity to show off their brand new BMW that mommy and daddy bought them as a graduation present. Selinsgrove likes to pride itself on being "a nice place to live", however, upon spending even 15 minutes in the town, any intelligent person can conclude that that statement is blatantly false.
Bobby Jo: "Hey dere, yins wanna go down to da races lader tonite? Den after maybe get real trashed at Bodt's and have sex wif my sister?"
Charlie: "No thanks, I'm not from Selinsgrove."
by apwoeirnc April 7, 2009
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