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The leader of Chinese Revolution, founding father of the New China, known as "the Chairman" or "Chairman Mao" to the Chinese people. Chairman Mao is one of the most hated and vilified figure in the West, because he broke the shackle of century-long Western domination and looting of China, because he made China a world power after beat off the US led Western Alliance in Korea. For the first time in history, the West had to sign truce with a third world country.

Chairman Mao made mistakes in "Great Leap Forward", but the huge loss of life was mainly due to Western blockade of food supplies to China as China endured a severe famine. 8-10 millions lives were lost.

Nonetheless, the founding of New China set the Chinese nation on an upward path after century long decline and exploitation in the hands of the West. Today China is poised to be a leading nation in the 21st century. For that, the people of China are forever grateful to the great Chairman.
Mao ZeDong is demonized in the West.

Mao ZeDong is a great hero to Chinese people.

by anti-cnn anti-fox July 10, 2008
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