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Teh coolest DB/Z/GT themed mud out there!
there's Lots of races, and cool quests and awesome players. The place really gives ya a feeling of enjoyment. Sometimes cooky and other times hilarious, ya never know what a day on DBI will be like!
Races include Saiyans, Icers, Kaios, Nameks, Bio-Androids, Halfbreed, Tuffles, Kanassians, Androids and also Fusion races!
DBI n00b1: "Man i just got PK'ed on DBI!"
DBI expert: "PK happens all the time."
DBI noob1: "WTF I Quit!"

Mudder1: "I'm looking for a new place to hang and kik ass."
Mudder2: "Try DBI its a really good place to kik some ass."
by anonymous575694 May 03, 2007
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