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The "best" job in the Air Force. You basically do a job that the Army does. Drive around the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan in convoys and just pray to God you dont die. Alot of people come into the Air Force open mechanical, and hope to get some kind of mechanical job workin on airplanes. They don't even kno there is such a job as vehicle operator, as most people dont, which falls under the mechanical category of jobs in the airforce. many of these people end up gettin a little more than they bargained for and become vehicle operators. The job is physically demanding and by the time your 30 you look about 50, if u even live to be that long. Go Veh- Ops!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!
Vehicle Operators kid: When I grow up I wanna be a vehicle operator just like you dad!

Vehicle Operator: No! Go to college!!!
by angry vehicle operator May 14, 2009
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