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Girls who study as Saint Pedro Poveda College. They are usually misinterpreted for being sluts, whores and the like. Although there may be some of those girls in said school, what school, in all honesty, DOESN'T have sluts and whores?
Povedans are misunderstood, and are actually quite kind. It always just depends on who you become friends with. Sadly, the louder ones are usually the sluts, which is why they are so misunderstood.

Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT talk like this:
"Like, OMG, did you, like, see the latest GG episode? OMG it was like, so totally cool!"
Seriously. What the hell. That sounds more like "dumb blonde" speak. Which Povedans aren't.
AC: OMG Povedans are such sluts.
Povedans: Really? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. ;)

AC: Povedans are such boy stealers.
Povedans: Thieves? It's not our fault we're hotter than you.
by angelxcollins March 30, 2011
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