15 definitions by andreacky772

1. An r&b singer/dancer who came out in the 90's with songs like "You make me wanna", "Yeah!" and "Confessions"

2. To be cocky or self-absorbed.

3. To dedicate an album whinning about cheating on a loved one.

4. To show off ones abs constantly even if it does not fit the context.

5. To help someone find a seat in an event.
1. Why do they play usher on the radio non-stop?

2. Person A: Oh my god. I look so good right now. Well actually all the time, cuz I'm hot.
Person B: Come on now, stop being an Usher.

5. If you follow the usher miss, he will find you a seat in church.
by andreacky772 January 17, 2005
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