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The name of Greek goddess Aphrodite's male lover, who was a great and handsome hunter until a boar killed him. She turned him into a rose to remember him.
It is the one male name that will guarantee a very vain, extremely hot, and exceedingly pompous son. No-one will take him seriously, he will be called gay, and he will be made fun of until he's twenty and becomes hot. Use with caution.
"Hi, I'm Adonis. "
"Aha. That's funny."
"No, that's really my name."
by andrea_33304 December 27, 2009

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The name of the hero of the wide-spread Harry Potter books and movie series, written by J.K. Rowling.

It sparked the revival of reading in children, and later, the explosion of fanfictions and very strange couplings (like, Draco and Harry). It has also made popular the activity of lining up for six hours in costume outside a bookstore of movie theater for a new release.

It has caused many a strife, whether it be between Harry-Hermione and Ron-Hermione shippers, or between Twilighters and HPers. Also, many boys who tend to look like Harry Potter (that is, dark hair and with glasses, no matter the color of his hair or eyes) are split with being extremely annoyed by it or being very honored.
It is common knowledge among the Harry Potter community that Harry Potter is better than Twilight, that Rubert Grint is now officially the hottest ginger and Tom Felton the hottest blond in the world, and that Cedric Diggory died and was turned into a sparkly vampire.
Recently, the Harry Potter craze has redirected from the finished books to the website My Life is Average and the musical A Very Potter Musical.
I spend my free time going to Walmart in my full Ravenclaw gear and screaming AVADA KEVDARA at any employee that tries to kick me out.

My childhood ended when I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I'm gonna start a Quidditch team at my school! I'm so cool!
by andrea_33304 December 27, 2009

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