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goth is a word made up by people who need a name for stuff. people who are considered goth tend to wear alot of black, white, red, and purple. other colors are welcomed. i hate that people think goths are evil. my absolute best friend in the world is a goth and she ROCKS. she loves the ramones, afi, and the dropkick murphy's. she wears bondage pants(pants with alot of chains and straps), t shirts about add, family guy, and invader zim, nd friggin awesome hoodies. it is a very complementary look, as black tends to be, and i loooove it! i do not fit under a label, though some stupid people call it emo. yeah. i dont even wear alot of black. but if i was to choose a style, i would choose gothic (or grunge, but anyway...), because it looks the best on people and it shocks. of course, their are scary goths, like the satan worshipping, hex giving , evil goths, but .. i like em. lol. but, you just have to get to know someone before you label them, if thats what u plan on doing. i mean, yeah. my bff(as mentioned earlier) actually speaks to preps. one of em is a good friend who likes abercrombie and backflips. yeah. gothic people(and emos, in general) are very open minded(usually) and are not quick to judge, even when others are quick to judge them.
goth: i love you
me: omg i love you too
paris hilton: thats hot.

lol i just wanted to say that
by anamericanidiot101 June 01, 2007
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