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a extremelt ATHELETIC SPORT, in which much stamina is used to throw girls ur size 15-25 feet in the air, also using much skill and coordination to run and flip over and twist and then going back ot stunting while trying to yell over super load music while competition judges are grading your every move, adn if u think its not a sport i want to see u do a standing back flip then run to a stunt do 2 full twists in the air and then move to a formation adn do a extremely complicated dance routine while staying in perfect shynchronization wiht 35 other girls all the while staying in side the white lines on your competition floor
Our squad got 3rd place this year aat super nationals in Orlando, we had an almost perfect score, and we won an award for best performance and best coreography
by an adamant cheer hottie March 11, 2005
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