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MLIA(my life is avrage)
A website full of lovers, of Harry Potter, Disney movies, Coloring Books, Ninjas, Dinoswars, Bubble Wrap, and the occasonal Tree Climber, and twi****t haters, who slip on banana peels, read(way to much), sing at random times, and go on intense adventures. There is an avrage word of the daY, AND THE OCCASONIAL NINJA(invisibLE) WORD(STUPID CAPs lock)EX. pseudonym, ,or soap.
EX. Today, I looked up the definition of Edward Cullen in Urban dictionary. The first definition was "A psycho who goes into girls bedrooms to watch them sleep. May or may not sparkle." To make things better, the example was "This guy is a total Edward Cullen! Crept into my room again last night!". This pretty much made my day. MLIA
by allreadytaken November 27, 2010

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