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A Buffalonian is a human being who is from or resides in Buffalo, NY or the suburbs around it. Williamsville, Tonawanda, Amherst, Akron, Clarence, Cheektowaga, etc. They run on Tim Hortons and Mighty Taco; Invented the chicken wing and have nothing better to do then drink vast amounts of alcohol and eat unhealthy food, drenched in hot sauce (especially at Duffs or Anchorbar). If you come to visit, they'll show you Niagara Falls but only if you're lucky will you actually be able to visit Canada and explore the actual fun side of the falls. In Buffalo, the winters are at least 8 months long and trap you indoors and help you gain all the fat you've ever wanted underneath that old Fitzmagic Bills or Miller Sabers Jersey. Never in a million years can you call yourself a Buffalonian if you don't persistently cheer on and support your losing sports teams, knowing they're kinda getting better and of course there will be ONE BEFORE I DIE. If you say eh or support Canadian hockey, they might sock ya a good one right in the kisser. Truth is, Buffalo isn't too bad of a place when it comes to family and friends, you can travel the world and find way better and exciting places to live, but Buffalo will always be there for you to come back home to, cause once a Buffalonian, always a Buffalonian.
Buffalonian #1: Bills are looking better this year..
Buffalonian #2: We almost had it in '91
Buffalonian #1: Yeah, but I just feel it, this years the year
Buffalonian #3: *looks up to God* one before i die
Buffalonian #4: where should i put the chicken wing dip?
by alienmermaid April 01, 2015

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