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1) a hipster, literally a young person enamored with Nico, the singer for The Velvet Underground, a somewhat obscure, critically adored 60's protopunk band from New York.

2) an adolescent girl obsessed with handsome men, or Nicos.
Sara: So, what kind of music are you into?

Arnold: You know, Bat for Lashes, Dirty Projectors, and some older stuff too, like Iggy, early Bowie, New York Dolls, Scott Walker, and, of course, The Velvet Underground.

Sara (to Fred, as Arnold walks away): I don't know any of the bands he was talking about.

Fred (laughs, noticing Sara checking Arnold out): That's because he's a nicoteen. And I think you might be too.
by albatrossflyer August 25, 2010

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1) A discussion of European or Caucasian oppression of minorities in which a white person is present.

2) One, or few, white person(s) among many members of another race.

3) A morbidly obese white person. (Rare).
Professor: In the 17th century, settlers from Great Britain established a trading relationship with native tribes living in the Northeastern United States. They often extorted and manipulated these tribesmen, using the power of horses, steel armor, and gunpowder, instigating a pattern of tyranny that would characterize the savage white conquest of America.

Frank (stage whisper to classmate): This is awkward...

Professor: Well, I guess that would make you the white elephant in the room, wouldn't it?
by albatrossflyer August 25, 2010

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