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O.C.T is a click that originated in a street called Engle made up of mexicans in Dallas. Now these days people of all types claim Oak Cliff Texas Thirteen. The "Original Oak Cliff Texas" members were first recognized through the Moises E. Molina and Justin F. Kimball high schools in the year of 2001.

Official abbreviations for Oak Cliff Texas are O.C.T,O.C.TX, and The O.C

Oak Cliff Texas colors are usually red and black or blue and black

Symbols of Oak Cliff Texas: the number 13, 5 Point Star , Cross, Boy with a cap lookin down "cap facin foward", Texas Rangers Cap,Texas Flag,Dallas Cowboy's Logo "Star", Any type of clothing that says Texas or Oak Cliff

Im reppin O.C.Texas yuh the O.C.T.
by aggravated man December 25, 2007

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