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Someone who is an angsty atheist. Generally belittles religious people as being superstitious sheep and believes themself, and their god of science, intellectualism, randomness, and meaninglessness to be superior to the illogical superstitions of the confused masses of ignorant religious people.
Hey all you HoT Topic shopping, wrist cutting, Slipknot listening Angstheist.
by Adino July 12, 2005
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Mindless drones, consumed by their worship and undying support for everything Barack Obama. And to question the authority of their godking will bring them down upon you with great wrath. They can also been seen swarming forum topics that may question Obama's decisions, politics or even show the slightest bit of criticism in seemingly cordinated efforts.
Even though Obama himself admitted he made a gaffe during last night's address the Ombies still fervently defend his original remarks.
by Adino August 06, 2009
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