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Quite possibly the greatest rock band of all time. They are not afraid to tell it like it is. Their lyrics are true, honest, and real. The music is also incredibly amazing. Some of their best songs include Plea, Admit It, Colorblind, A Walk Through Hell, Chia-Like I Shall Grow, I Want To Know Your Plans, Wow I Can Get Sexual Too, Belt, Woe, Spidersong, Skinny Mean Man, That Is Why, We Killed It, Alive With The Glory Of Love, Little Girls, and Metal Now. All of their songs are amazing. The music of Say Anything will change your life. Check it out!!!
The lyrics are incredibly honest:
"You don't impress me!
You don't intimidate me!
Why don't you
Bow down!
Get on the ground,
Walk this f**kin plank! Yeah!"
-Admit It!!!

The lyrics can also be deep and romantic:
"You're what
Keeps me believin
The world's not gone dead
Strengthen my bones put
The words in my head
When they
Pour out to paper
It's all for you
Cuz that's what you do"
-I Want To Know Your Plans

Their music and lyrics are amazing and have a wide variety of speed, tone, and subject matter. Say Anything is amazing.
by adawg95 February 27, 2008

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