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Adj: A term used commonly amongs the Asian American to describe a person, things, or situation that is not cool and have an unattractive features. Originally used in Thailand to describe a person from a small village or country side, usually from Laos or Vietnam, who has recently moved into Bangkok. The Thais would pronounce the word Lao without the S. The context of the word used is not in a racist derogatory term but often used to describe their article of clothing and their appearance. Often time their clothing is very different than the Thais in Bangkok. Think of a person from rural America moving into Manhattan, New York (different clothes and hair cut).

Similar to the word lame but more focused on the appearance as being ugly and dull.
This shirt is soo laos.
Her flat nose is soo LAOS! (The term is not race specific)
by aametro06 October 16, 2005
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