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a shortened version of the infamous town on long island, Amityville. Mostly used by the black population or kids who go to public school there...aka the black people, considering the high school is approx. 65% black.
"reppin' a-ville 24/7, ya heard?"
by aaely September 01, 2006
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Amityville Memorial High School. located, obviously, in Amityville, New York. The school is mostly black and holds a sort of grudge against private schools and kid who go there. It doesnt have the best reputation and pretty much every kid who goes there will have some sort of complaint about it but a lot of them secretly love it because of the diversity and easy going environment. its unlike other highschools in that the kids can actually become friends with the teachers and there really isnt much of a social ladder.
"hey there, what school do you go to?"
by aaely September 01, 2006
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