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Levon is the most charismatic, most handsome & loving man you will ever meet. He is solid & is always there for the people he loves. To every person he encounters, Levon shows his pure heart and is an inspiration. He puts his heart into everything he does and is extremely driven to get what he wants! His way with words is extraordinary. Levon is faithful & forever growing. If you are lucky enough to date a Levon you better never let him go! His energy is phenomenal & when you witness his vibrations it’s like entering a whole new world! A Levon is unstoppable and for him, giving up is not possible. The greatest friend you will ever have. Also has nice abs :) LEVON
“Levon can do anything!”
“You are such an inspiration, Levon!”
“Is it you, the famous Levon?!”

“Levon is the greatest to ever do it!”
by a.b.h May 23, 2019
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