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a town located in westchester, ny. it is a bedroom community to nyc, and that's all it really is. there is nothing to do there, the people are not very friendly, the environment is extremely cliquey, and a large percentage of the people are wannabes. getting high in random parts of town is a popular activity for armonk teens (behind the dumpster is an example). drinking in the woods behind your parent's mc.mansion when they are away on business is a leisure activity as well. people are either "old timers" (typical small-town ny people who don't believe in evolution and enjoy nascar races and country music) or they're fairly new, meaning they've been here 6 years or less, live in a home that is so blown up out of proportion it is insanely gaudy, and are more often than not stuck up. you love it or you hate it.
back in the day, armonk was a town nobody had ever heard of before, and its population consisted of avid church-goers who did wholesome activities such as town fairs and farming. in this day and age, 99% of the world's population has not heard of this place and probably has no desire to, but it is built up on dirty money, greed, agression, and the overall feel of the town roughly translates to the song beast and the harlot
excerpts from the song:
"this shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence...there's more than meets the eye round here to the waters of the deep...a city of evil...
by a sad escuse for a silly lass October 13, 2007
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