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The only public highschool on Galveston Island. It was rated 1016 out of the best 1300 schools in the nation even though its a very shitty school. The blacks and mexicans rule the school and give it its shitty rep. There are fights, shootings, stabbings, and bomb-threats everyday. There are no rules because the blacks and mexicans disobey every one which allows the white kids to disobey them also because all the teachers are too scared to stop the students. Almost everyone that goes to G-Ball is either ghetto as hell, or wants to be ghetto as hell. The white kids learn real fast not to fuck with the majorities because they will kill any white kid who talks shit. All G-Ball's football players are stupid as hell and can't play a full season w/o failing, and they're the reason they suck at football.
White mom: So how was school today?

White Ball High student: Boring. We only had four fights where three kids went to the ER because of pepper spray, and a lock-down because some bloods had a gun in the school looking for crips.
by a ball high student July 28, 2008
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