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Dirty blonde means you have dark blonde hair. It gets the word "dirty" because common dirt is brown and "dirty blonde" hair is hair that looks as if it is blonde mixed with brown, making the blonde darker. "browny" isn't a word, so you have to think of a synonym for brown, or something that is brown--like dirt. Plus, dirty blonde hair just sounds better than something like "Tree Bark Blonde" don't you think?
Patrisha calls herself "dirty blonde" when, in reality, her hair color is a light brown not a dark blonde color.
by a Non-Stereotype-Blonde June 22, 2005
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(1) All "blonde" is is a light hair color. The hair color of "blondes" range from a dark gold (dirty blonde) to bleached hair color (pretty much white). People at my school will be brunette in reality, but will try to pass off as being blonde by saying they are dirty blonde since at our school the more popular and more prettier students are all blonde.
(2) Jessica Simpson is the perfect stereotype blonde. She makes me aggravated because some people look to her to see how "blondes" are when, in truth, hardly anyone is as ditzy as her. Jessica Simpson is blonde (obviously), beautiful, has a great figure, and is so stupid she thought buffaloes had wings and chicken of the sea was chicken, not tuna. That is how the average person perceives blondes (beautiful and stupid). In fact, I have altered my personality many a time before to please people by letting them think that their opinions of blondes is correct. (Hint: It's not!)
(1) She nervously ran her fingers through her long, golden blonde hair.

(2)A blonde in class: But, Mr.Jones, I still don't understand it.
Mr.Jones: Well, Ashley, what don't you--
Another student: Mr. Jones, I would just give up now- she's a blonde, she'll never get it.
**With names changed, this has happened before at my high school.
by a Non-Stereotype-Blonde June 22, 2005
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