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Introduced in the Vancouver Olympics, the platinum medal is an Olympic medal awarded only to those whose performances far exceed the requirements for a gold medal or whose egos far exceed the requirements for being able to accept a silver medal. So far, the only one to have ever been awarded this high honour is Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, who received this award upon successfully completing a quad when all of his opponents only completed triple or less. To imitate the Olympic podium, it is often placed in between "gold" and "bronze" in the standings and is abbreviated "S" for "special snowflake."
Congratulations to Evgeni Plushenko on his platinum medal-winning performance in the Vancouver Olympics!
by Zukashin March 1, 2010
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Losing your extremely high-profile, high-paying job, your wife, your children and your mind and being too prideful to get help with the drug addiction and anger issues that caused you to lose them.
"I'm not bi-polar; I'm bi-winning!" -- Charlie Sheen, about his current winning streak
by Zukashin March 10, 2011
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