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these people tend to be quite nice people that don't really like getting into fights (but often do because of the way they look). Moshers are seen by chavs as the scum of the earth that don't get washed, don't really know what they call good music. Moshers is the universal word for anyone who doesn't dress like a chav, emos, hardcores, goths and even punks all get called moshers but there is a difference in the way they look and what music they listen to but because they are chavs they don't realise this and if someone looks even close to a mosher then they have to be one. Goths are more commonly mistaken for moshers because they wear all black and a lot of moshers wear black. Generally from my experiance moshers are okay to talk to and are very loving towards their friends and are generally very friendly people and tend to be more accepting of gay people, coloured people, etc.
mosher: what? (runs off)
by Zombie Crew RULES!! May 26, 2006
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