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A curb store refers to any and all convenient stores where you can purchase a variety of alcohol/nicotine products, junkfood, misc femine products, and old condiment/food items that may be needed in emergency situations when a walmart run is not warrented. Gas may be sold at these locations but it is not a requirement of the curbstore. There may possibly be loiterers that consider this their main "hangout". A working payphone may or may not be available for use. The restrooms will need a key and if a key is not needed, you can be sure that antibacterial will be. Doughnuts are a possibility but freshness can not be guarenteed. Look for the toothless/grilled attendant to answer any questions you may have while patronizing the curbstore. Although expect nothing more than a grunt or incomplete/ incoherrent response. He may be able to give the key you the restroom but as the sign under the cash register indicates he is unlikely to be able to open the store safe. The curbstore is a southern staple and people of all races and classes find the curbstore to be a necessity.
Circle K curbstore
El Cheapocurbstore
Woodalls curbstore Slappey Dr Albany, GA
Supermart Curbstore
Junebugs Curbstore
Ez Mart Curbstore
by Zoeybug July 24, 2010

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