1 definition by Zion Goldfrapp

When drinking with Loki Discordia's crew there are strict Party Rules that must be adhered to at all time, and must never be violated.
1.DRINK IT OR WEAR IT. That means if someone makes you a drink, you either have to drink it or wear it.
2.PASSOUT in a public place or with your shoes on you are free game for anything
3.FAGGOT=SHOTS, if you are declared a faggot you must defend your honour by drinking a shot or shots as the case may be
4.COCK 4 TIT if a chick gets her tits out you have to get your cock out
5.JIMMYS MUM, if she shows up someones gotta fuck her

6.SMOKING, if you have papers dont bum a taillor
7.SPILL YOUR DRINK you must lick it up and have a shot
8.CHAMPION RULE If you say "i'm fine" while you are passing out SHOTS!
9.PARTY VIRGINS. If this is your first time partying with us, you HAVE to drink - PARTY RULES
by Zion Goldfrapp October 10, 2010
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