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noun- refers to nationalism contaminated by bigotry. A hatriot defines himself by his nationality, and by how much he dislikes any who disagree with his nation's agenda. Thus, his/her/its(the nations) nationality becomes defined by all that he/she/it do not oppose. Oftentimes, it is considered acceptable to take cheap shots, racial or otherwise, at individuals/institutions that represent oppositional ideas etc.
Similar in nature to branding opposition w/i one's own nation as anti their own nation and its ideals. For example, un-American

george w. bush
freedom fries
Cold War
Hatriotism went hand in hand with unilateralism.
In an unprecedented act of hatriotism, the US House of Representatives voted on March 11, 2003 to replace the 'French' descriptor in French fries and toast with 'Freedom' due to anti-French sentiment caused by France's refusal to join the 'Coalition of the Willing'.
by Zeus Superman February 25, 2010

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