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"Bitch Formerly Known as..."

Term for bitchwhore beauty queens who win state beauty pageants, typically of the rude and nasty variety.

Dates "small rodents" and is not allowed to wear any "unprofessional clothing," for she is "always on stage" and meant to be ready at all moments of her life (she may run into someone who recognizes her EVEN if she is in a different state).

Does not like Taylor Swift, so obviously a less than satisfactory person. (joking, sort of)

Possible defense against the BFK:

Face smash-age with cast iron skillet
Shanking by He-Man power sword
Throwing water in her face (face will proceed to melt off)
"My roommate's girlfriend, BFK, stayed the night and made me want to break a window."

"When I walked into the apartment and saw that BFK was visiting, I almost threw up all over the Welcome mat."
by Zeke8600 September 01, 2009
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