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A male or female, usually in his or her twenties or thirties, who is obsessed with Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general. A Jurassic Prick enjoys debating paleontological news and theories with other dinosaur nerds even though his or her chances of becoming a professional paleontologist or archaeologist are very slim. A Jurassic Prick may even run his or her own Jurassic Park, or other dinosaur related, website/forum. Jurassic Pricks are notorious for abusing their staff members and openly calling their forum members stupid.

Jurassic Pricks usually lead pathetic lives. Bullying people on the internet is normal behavior. Some Jurassic Pricks exaggerate their own importance, believing the world cannot survive without them. In one reported incident, a Jurassic Prick believed he was the anti-Christ. Most have very, very large egos. Many Jurassic Pricks are also believed to be schizophrenic, going as far as to try to destroy other Jurassic Park websites because they are "threats." They are often hypocritical and manipulative, using whatever they can to get what they want.

A Jurassic Prick is someone to stay away from. Do not ever join a forum filled with Jurassic Pricks.
Yeah. He said the owner was a Jurassic Prick and he decided to leave.
by ZeeInformitivo August 06, 2010

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