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A black person who doesn't know how to speak English properly.

Derogatory term to describe uneducated blacks. Not necessarily intended as an insult but could be used as such.
When did all these spoda's move into the neighborhood?

Don't know.

I really wish they would learn to speak English.

Yeah me too.

You'd think with all the problems they have because of racial hatred that they'd make more of an effort to speak properly. It would most likely decrease the racial divide.

I agree completely.
by Zed Omega May 24, 2004

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Someone who uses the words in the Urban Dictionary when talking instead of speaking English.

Someone who actively and willingly removes him or herself from acceptance in contemporary society by refusing to speak properly and then complains that "The White Man" is keeping them down.
A - Fo' shizzle my nizzle!
B - Pardon me?
A - Yo! Fo' shizzle my nizzle!?!
B - What?
A - Yo! Waazup?
B - I'm sorry I can't understand you. I speak English, not Ebonics you dumb flazzer!
by Zed Omega December 23, 2003

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