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A judgemental teenage boy or girl (but usually girl) of the Fundamentalist Christian faith. She usually enjoys Christian music, going to church, and pretending she's read the Bible. This person hates everything and everyone with an opposing viewpoint on the origin or practice of Christianity. The fundie likes to hang out in groups of other Christians during science classes to ask if evolution is just a theory. When you try to have an intelligent conversation about religion with one, she will turn into an apathetic bitch who's only defense from being friends with you is her hate of free-thinking and her endlessly pissy attitude towards you and anyone else you've ever spoken to. Since being indoctrinated into the Christian faith by her cartoonishly close-minded parents (or other fundamentalists around her) from a very young age, that is all she knows and will openly deny any new ideas on the world even if they can improve countless lives and make the world a better place (Jesus is coming to get us in a few years. So what's the point?). If you ever try to read a book other than the Bible around her, get ready for a "Funder Storm with a chance of Pain" because you're going straight to hell. You must also never utter the words "talking snake", "Imagine", "contradiction", "Pro-Choice" or "atheist" in close proxitmity even if that is not your personal opinion. It really doesn't matter to them. They're doing God's work so expect an exorcism. And while you can have fundies as friends, be careful about Christianity. They can smell doubt like fear.

Dude, stop respectfully stating your opposing viewpoints on the subject of actually following Jesus' teachings of compassion, forgivness and love, divinity, science, religion and philosophy! The fundies will hate you despite their pre-packaged opinions being the exact opposite of anything in the actual Bible!
by Zatak April 13, 2009
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