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A chill brown skin boy. He often wont get pissed off and has a really fun vibe. Zanuruddins tend to lack height so most Zanuruddins you see will most likelly be under 5'5. They are really smart and funny indeviduals. They would most likely hate being called "zanuruddin" so they have devoloped nicknames such as Zandy, zan, Z-ddin and many more. Zanuruddins are the underrated popular kids. They might seem quite at first, but are lowkey hella fun to be around. Calling zanuruddins short will really get them pissed off. they would want to punch the living shit out of you but they cant really fight so they would hold the anger inside them.
"Zanuruddin is so lit"
by Zanuruddin September 25, 2020

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a cuss word in punjab
teri panchod
by Zanuruddin April 15, 2020

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Sukhraj Gill will be the next best golf player. Better than Tiger Woods.

Soon, you will believe the phrase "Sukhraj Gill> All Golf Players"
Bob: Bro have you seen how good at golf Sukhraj Gill is?

Jimmy: Yeah man, hes so good
by Zanuruddin December 30, 2020

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A fictional charecter from the Harry Potter series. She ecountered Harry Potter while teacher Defense Against The Dark Arts in year 5. She is hated by 99.5% of Harry Potter fans, due to her being an unfair teacher who punished you for no reason. She has a large ego. While the other evil characters own their wickedness, she tries to pretend she's one of the good guys.
Ron: How do you feel about Dolores Umbridge
Harry: I. Hate. Her.
by Zanuruddin December 30, 2020

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Megatron3000 is a sexuality some people like to be referred as. Megatron3000 means that a person is only attracted to dinosaur8392. ( another sexuality)
Stephanie: hey Karen, what’s your gender?
Karen: I would like to go by as megatron3000
by Zanuruddin January 26, 2021

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The term used by middle aged horny Indian men. Bobs originates from the word boobs but due to most middle aged Indian men's heavy accent, the word sounds more like bobs rather than boobs.
Ples show bobs- Rajesh, 46 year old Indian man
by Zanuruddin May 21, 2021

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The Ickabog is a story written by J.K Rowling herself. The book is a generally new book at just being published on the 10th of november 2020. The book is about a not so very smart king and how his 2 "friends" take advantage.
David: "Have you read The Ickabog, George?"
George: "Yeah! it was awesome!"
by Zanuruddin November 30, 2020

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