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1. In the eyes the very newest members of any band's fanbase: any band after any album they release; that same band once they work hard and earn the respect of a large-scale audience by giving the world music various types of people can enjoy. "HOW DARE THEY BE SUCCESSFUL? THE SELFISHNESS OF IT ALL! I WANT THEM TO BE BANKRUPT AND MISERABLE AND COMPLETELY UNKNOWN, THAT WAY I CAN RECOMMEND THEM TO PEOPLE WHO TELL ME 'Nah, I'll pass.' !"

2. A nonsensical term slung about by high school students to describe bands they have no true interest in (only their t-shirts) after the band released an album said fans were not even born early enough to experience. see also: False aging/wisdom/experience in a teenaged body

3. A band that truly is only in the music industry for the money see also: Metallica/Slayer/Tool/Avenged Sevenfold

4. A fan who is truly only in a fanbase for the sheer trendiness.
STEVE: "My kid brother's really into Metallica."
GREG: "Really? That sounds rich! Hey Alex, what did you think of Death Magnetic?"
ALEX: "Oh my fucking God, don't even get me started on that bunch of sell out nerds with a clear opera fetish! Trust me man, I was at their very first show back in nineteen-eighty-whatever and take my word for it: they haven't made a good album since Ride the Lightning, which was WAY better on vinyl, by the way!"
GREG: "Um, Alex, you were born in 1996. Records are obsolete and no one even makes record players anymore."
ALEX: "What's you point, faggot?"
by Zalgo the Destroyer October 22, 2010
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An album recorded by Metallica that none of their fans have ever listened to even one single time. See also: name drop
Glorify the Black Album all you want, but we all know it's because it's the just the oldest Metallica album from the decade you were born in.
by Zalgo the Destroyer October 24, 2010
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