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to stick a soda pop can into a females vaginal region and the drink it
i canoyed rachel with a can of diet coke.

brandon: see that girl?
zach:yea what about her?
brandon: i canoyed her last night
zach: did it taste good?
"high 5!!!!"
by zach and brandon April 18, 2008
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to rape a girl anally and there is no chance of getting her pregnant and they cannot track you down. the female never gets a look at your face. no technically considered rape because it is rabe. a safe way to hurt girls with no consequences
BJ:last night i went to a party and got wasted
ZK:thenwhat happened
BJ:i just rabed a girl
ZK:Excellent how was it?
BJ: i did it right in front of a cop and i didnt get in trouble cause its not rape
"High 5"
by Zach and Brandon May 22, 2008
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