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First of all we have to get some of the details out of the way. This word is a combination of two words. The first word is Teal.

The definition of Teal is:a being who is very very easily amused, likes to eat pickles, sings 24/7, watches scooby doo, pirates of the caribbean, spongebob squarepants, southpark, and enjoys slam poetry.

The next word that is fused with Teal is the word Skittle. The definition of Skittle is:
skitsofrenic. someone who is truly crazy!! THIS IS THE r e a l d e f f e n i t i o n!! someone whose a skittle might qualify for the following things:
(most if not all are necessary to be a skitsofrenic, not just one)

sits in weird positions
laughs randomly for a long time
makes up werid words (like skittle)
gets angry for no reason
has multiple personalities
takes naps
gets very very hyper
makes weird noises
sings (not necessarily well) for no reason. Ex.damn that skittle is so fuckin annoying that she might actually be cool. she needs to stop sitting with her legs behind her head and humming though...

Now, from this comes the word Teal Skittle. One of the most intricate and confusing words ever spawned by a human being. The true definition of a teal skittle is: A person who is amused by mostly anything. They amke you feel as if you are one of the funniest persons alive. They watch meaningless and pointless shows. They gorge on food for 24 hours a day. Their imagination is so widely diverse that it makes you feel inferior in their presence. They make up weird, dumbass words JUST like teal skittle. A kid named zach is the best way to describe it. They sing sometimes...but to their and other people dismay they suck balls at it...but they still do it anyways. Teal skittles can also drink an insurmountable amount of Mt. Dew. This causes them to be at the highest pivitol point on the hyper meter...The Hype Zone. There are only so many teal skittles in the world today....so please PLEASE...don't play with matches.
Ex.1--Man:Hey, look at that teal skittle guy over there....you had better put those matches down.
Friend:yea....you're right.

Ex.2--Group of friends:What's up teal skittle?
Zach:Not much...how about you?

Ex.3--Hey you...hey you BITCH! You better stop eatin my moms mutha FUCKIN PICKLES YOU SHIT ASS TEAL SKITTLE!
by Zach Olson and Matt Thornton July 08, 2006

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