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A road in my wonderful state of Michigan (I'll trade spotswith someone who lives in California... you know who you are, people who say your ghetto and grew up on 8-mile and are chased by popos but never even have been in Detroit)

basically it is a mile road
ex: 24 mile road, 16 mile road

It is most famous now for the role it played in Eminem's 8 mile, in which it seperates the whites and the blacks. Though it is shwown as a ghetto area, it is not as bad as East Detroit and their shitty ass school district.
ex: I was going to a Red Wings' game and I got lost on 8-mile so I locked my doors.

ex 2: "Why pay money to see 8-mile when I can see it in real life, all I need to do is drive 2 miles"
by Zabi of Detroit May 18, 2004

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