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1) A student the division of Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.

2) A terminal stress condition whose symptoms include: headaches, nausia, loss of sleep, bad hygene and worse GPAs.

3) A person who has mastered vector calculus and yet cannot add properly.

4) Someone who is fucked.

5) someone who has not yet dropped out of NSCI.

6) Someone who is better than you are.
Jimmy studies Engineering Science: Biomed at UoT.

Sally didn't sleep for 5 days while trying to finish her design/lab/problem sets. She also didnt eat, bathe or see sunlight.

Jack took the integral of the magnetic flux passing through a surface S which was induced by the changing electric field as determined by Maxwell's equations. He got it wrong when he fucked up the minus sign.

"Oh, you're a 2nd year engsci? You are so fucked!"

At least they dont take Indy...
by Yu Ling Cheng March 07, 2005
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