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a : a state of utter confusion, a farcical situation.
b : a confused mass or mixture.
c : the property of occurring in a hilarious or ironic fashion
- sha•st•rix / 'shä-"str-ik-'s / noun
OMG look at that shastrix of mutated cyber goats attacking the children.

- sha•st•ri•cal /'shä-"stri-k&l / adjective
PERSON A: Why don’t we run naked through those thistles…
PERSON B: You can’t be serious… that would be shastrical.

- sha•st•ri•cal•ly /'shä-"stri-k(&-)lE / adverb
Sadly Timmy was shastrically mauled by a disgruntled llama yesterday…
by Yridium January 16, 2005
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