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Are people who gave birth to you and fed you so therefore they think they can control you. They play mind games, are passive aggressive, manipulative, and are generally just very negative people. Most asian parents have problems themselves and they tend to take it out on their kids either knowingly or unknowingly. Most asian parents are negative because they want to think the worse before it even happens. If you go out late at night to the movies or whatever, they would think you were partying and drinking instead. Although this may be true for some kids (sneaking out and doing drugs...etc) not all kids are like this. They tend to listen to their friends/relatives stories about bad stuff and they think that their own kids are bad too. They generalize wayy too much. Asian parents think their kids are bad if they get a B on their report card. They will act as if it's the end of the world if you don't get into: UCLA, USC, HARVARD, STANFORD, OXFORD, PRINCETON, or any other brand named schools that charges an arm and a leg to attend to.

Unfortunately, many new asian parents that end up in America will do the same to their kids. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The new generation of asian americans will never treat their kids the same... so therefore the chain will be broken. We will know better, listen to our kids, trust them, and be their guide rather than their dictator. There is hope for the next generation of american parents out there...
Examples of Asian Parents:

Mom: I am your mother, you HAVE to listen to me. If I say jump you ask 'how high'

Dad: Sometimes will beat you with a whip. (BTW, kids if this happens to you call the cops please. It's called child abuse)

Both Parents: So and so got into Harvard, why didn't you get into Harvard? You're so stupid... studying on how to become a technician? What???? OMG, MY SON/DAUGHTER IS A FCKEN FAILURE.

Mom talking to her 10 year old: Your sister got into a good school, has a good job, married a doctor, has 2 kids... what do you do huh?? Sit at home playing video games all day?

Dad: Son, when you grow up you have to be better than everyone else. it's not enough that you succeed, everyone else must fail.
by YourMommmmmy July 26, 2011
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