2 definitions by YourFavPerson

Being cool, or badass, or hot.
Hilarious as well.
Jake: Basically that guy is a savdeep..... yea that fucking cool
Steve: Shit,

Hot Girl: That guy is so savdeep, I want him
by YourFavPerson November 8, 2010
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Difficult, doesn’t like people. Aiysia is a homebody. She loves being alone watching movies. Aiysia enjoys art. She’s also very sensitive and has a huge heart! It’s very hard for Aiysia to open up. She has to genuinely feel a connection before she can truly open herself up to anyone. Aiysia favorite drink is whisky sour and crown royal.
Aiysia doesn’t like to be bothered
by YourFavPerson November 23, 2021
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